Coming academic session discussed

JAIRAMPUR, May 20: The teaching and support staffs working at the schools being run by the RK Mossang Memorial Society (RKMMS) participated in a meeting here in Changlang district on Monday to discuss the 2019-20 academic session.
The participants reviewed the results of the CBSE Class 10 exam, and commended the KGBV/RMSA in Maganton for showing better results compared to the KGBV/RMSA in Lonlung and the RKMSS secondary school.
Addressing the participants, RKMMS chairman Arup Kumar Choudhury shared the RKMSS’ vision for the future, such as applying for grant for establishing a science college in Jairampur, establishing a residential school in Nampong, and establishing a university in Jairampur.
Choudhury requested the teachers to “reduce the habit of availing leave,” and urged them to “concentrate and focus on teaching and show better results in the upcoming CBSE examination.”
RKMSS chief functionary Komoli Mosang congratulated the teachers for their hard work and for ensuring better results in the CBSE exam compared to last year. She suggested that all schools conduct interviews and tests before taking new admission in Class 9, and advised the KGBVs and the ERS to “manage the support recruitment by themselves.”