Taram seeks halt on counting votes under Nampe

ITANAGAR, May 22: National People’s Party candidate of Koloriang assembly constituency, Pani Taram in a representation to the Election Commission of India requested to desist from counting of votes of Nampe polling station claiming that the scheduled re-poll was not conducted at the designated polling station Nampe.
Taram claimed “the polling team could not reach Nampe because the suspension bridge over Pania River was destroyed by BJP supporters.”
He added that polling team reached up to Gaa village and re-poll was conducted there, which is not a designated polling station of Nampe polling station.
The NPP candidate further said that to and fro journey from Damin to Nampe is 16 hours but the polling team took only 13 hours to complete the journey, including conducting of re-poll, which is “totally not possible.”
“It has proved that the re-poll was conducted at Gaa village which is not a designated polling station,” Taram added.