Need for traffic discipline

It is a very good initiative on the part of the capital complex administration to have provided ten motorcycles to the police department for traffic management. Often, it is seen that police personnel struggle to reach where there is a heavy traffic jam. The motorcycles will help the police to move easily even during the rush hours. The capital administration will have to work out more such creative ways to fight the traffic menace in the state capital. Especially in Naharlagun town, day by day the traffic situation is getting out of hand.
These days it takes almost two hours to reach Naharlagun from Itanagar. Ordinarily, it takes hardly 30 minutes to cover the same distance. The chaos witnessed, especially during the morning office hours, is scary. The authorities have to prepare an urgent plan to reduce traffic congestion on NH 415 in Naharlagun. The national highway is simply not enough to take the burden of the ever growing vehicle population. More manpower is required to improve traffic discipline in the capital complex. The state government should appoint a dedicated superintendent of police (SP) for traffic in the capital complex region, apart from the regular SP. This will help the SP traffic to solely concentrate on improving the traffic scenario. Further, it will ease the burden on the capital complex SP and also improve the law and order scenario.