Heavy downpour floods Borum PHC

Staff Reporter
BORUM, Jun 20: The primary health centre (PHC) here in Papum Pare district has been flooded with rainwater and mud due to heavy downpour.
Because of the flooding, the PHC’s staff as well as visiting patients are facing a horrid time. The locals say the PHC has been getting flooded during monsoon two years in a row now.
“This year the condition has worsened, and has made life miserable for everyone. The staffers are not able to enter the PHC. How can they serve the patients in such a situation? The unhealthy condition of the PHC itself is a health threat to the staff and the patients,” said a resident.
The PHC staffers claimed that they are busy more in cleaning up the hospital than serving the patients.
“Work at the PHC has been paralyzed, and the staffers are facing great difficulties in carrying out their medical duties. We are unable to even wear shoes and sandals. The whole PHC gets flooded during heavy rainfall. We get busy in cleaning the PHC after every heavy rain,” said a staffer.
The equipment, medicines, etc, in the PHC have also reportedly been damaged.
Ironically, the PHC is located hardly a few kilometres from the state capital. Its pathetic condition says a lot about the condition of the government hospitals of the state.