Make hospitals violence-free zones

Dear Editor,
The word ‘doctor’ sounds different for different persons. For some, doctors are healers, next to god. For others, they are moneymakers who suck money out of their patients, and it is a highly paid profession.
I am not going to discuss how people view us, but try to put light on what we, the doctors, do. In those days when there was no road connectivity, there were some people who came out of their comfort zones just to provide services to the needy people in remote areas in various fields like teaching and administration and medical service.
There might be lots of doctors who dedicated their lives in healthcare service, but personally I met some doctors who provided healthcare services to the people with dedication, and expressed my sincere thanks to them on the occasion of Doctors Day (1 July).
Some might say that the doctors have been paid well for their services. Just take time and think of the lives they have saved, the joy and smile they have brought back on someone’s face. Is it truly worth comparing with money?
Yes, it might be true that some doctors might work only for money. Believe us, we as doctors give our 100 percent, and, if needed, even take help from our seniors and colleagues to save the lives of patients. For us every patient is equal.
Now, our state is progressing, and we have also achieved a lot in different fields of healthcare service. On this day, all the doctors who have given their time and energy for the betterment of our people deserve appreciation from the people of Arunachal.
The recent Bengal incident, in which a medical student was beaten almost to death, is just the tip of the iceberg. We the doctors are facing continuous criticism and assault in our day-to-day practice. Creating such an environment not only affects the doctors’ performance but also patients’ care. We, as doctors, request each and everyone to know us and make hospitals violence-free zones for the betterment of healthcare service.
Happy National Doctors Day to everyone!
Dr Manju Darang,
Plastic surgeon,