Orgs to oppose issuing of ILPs to persons with criminal records

LONGDING, Jul 2: Members of various organizations and student unions, along with shopkeepers and others in a meeting here on Tuesday resolved to oppose issuing of inner line permits (ILP) to the accused and the family members of the accused in the acid attack case that had occurred here in February.
During the meeting, which was chaired by Longding District Students’ Union (LDSU) president Tingo Wangsu, it was resolved
that “accused Nipen Das alias Kala shall not be allowed to avail ILP to enter Longding district, and the ILP issued earlier against his name shall be terminated.”
A shopkeeper and his brother were seriously injured in the acid attack which had occurred in the main market here. Five customers, one of them a police constable, who were standing nearby also received minor injuries in the incident.
The meeting also resolved that the family members of the accused would not be allowed to avail ILPs to enter the district.
The participants adopted a resolution that non-APSTs with criminal records would not be allowed to apply for ILPs to enter Longding, and said the district administration should strictly cross-check the records of applicants before issuing ILPs.
They also resolved to prohibit gambling activities and lotteries in the district, particularly in the market areas.
The meeting was attended by members of the Wancho Council, the All Wancho Women Welfare Society, the Wancho Students’ Union, and the LDSU, among others.