Org seeks sanction on Tamen to Palin road

ITANAGAR, Jul 4: The Arunachal Youth Organisation (AYO) has written to the chief minister on Thursday, seeking sanctioning of the road project from Tamen to Palin under the Trans-Arunachal Highway scheme and its inclusion in the coming 2019-20 Trans-Arunachal Highway project.
In its letter to the CM, the AYO highlighted that the proposal has been a “long pending demand of the villagers of the two districts of Kamle and Kra Daadi.”
Highlighting the plight of the residents of the area and reporting that they have to foot march long distances due to the road conditions or the lack thereof, the organisation claimed that there is no permanent road connecting the three constituencies of Palin, Tali and Raga, and accordingly, the road project would stretche for more than 100 Kms (approx).
While it acknowledged that there are some ongoing roads projects, the AYO said that they were “confined only to limited villages.”
It also claimed that several schemes and projects were submitted before the concerned department, but “these files were never approved in the name of acute shortage of funds.”
Saying that the construction of and maintenance of existing roads will play a vital role in the network system from Tamen to Palin, the organisation sought the CM’s intervention on priority basis.