Are doctors following ethics?

These days it has become a fashion for high-profile criminals to get themselves admitted into hospitals citing health reasons whenever the police arrest them. Hospitals like the Ramakrishna Mission in Itanagar and the Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) in Naharlagun have become safe havens for the criminals. The recent case of the arrest of two PWD engineers in the Trans-Arunachal Highway compensation scam is the best example of how influential people use the medical route to avoid going to jail. The duo has been arrested by the special investigation cell (SIC) but managed to admit themselves at the TRIHMS.
The move has angered the SIC, and it’s SP has written a letter to the health secretary, expressing doubts over the integrity of the medical examination conducted on the PWD officials. It is alleged that both of them were moving freely without any trouble prior to being arrested. This is not the first time that the people have used hospitals to evade police custody. In the past many had used similar tactics. This kind of incident raises a serious question mark over the integrity of the doctors. Are they not compromising with their own ethics by abetting criminals? There may be some genuine cases, but why do only the rich and influential people easily get admission in hospitals on grounds of poor health? It is mandatory under the law for the police to take the accused to hospitals for medical examination. But strangely, the doctors seem to recommend medical treatment for rich criminals only. The state government should take strong action against those doctors who prepare fake medical reports to abet criminals. The hospitals should not be allowed to be used as an escape route.