NGOs organise cleanliness drive

BODAK, Jul 8: Braving the downpour, members of NGO AYANG, along with volunteers from the Make Arunachal Green, Incredible and Clean (MAGIC) Club, the NSS, and the Adiland & Upright People Organization, on Monday carried out a cleanliness drive at ‘Pongging View’, near Bodak, in East Siang district.
‘Pongging View’ is much frequented by tourists. The drive was an initiative of AYANG, which is known for its yeomen service in blood donation. Monday’s drive was an attempt at creating awareness on the importance of hygiene, beautification and cleanliness, and safe disposal of garbage.
The volunteers also cleaned some parts of the Raneghat area on their way back to district HQ Pasighat.
Nationally acclaimed blood donor and founder chairman of AYANG, Aini Taloh, expressed gratitude to the participants.
“We have been taught since childhood that cleanliness not only brings prosperity in our lives but also keeps us away from all kinds of diseases,” she said.
However, Taloh expressed regret that even after being educated “people throw litter openly, without understanding the harms of unhygienic conditions.”
“I want my next generation to breathe in clean and hygienic environment by taking up cleanliness programmes,” she said, encouraging the ideology of a healthy and clean lifestyle. (DIPRO)