E/Kameng admin streamlining waste mgmt

Staff Reporter
SEPPA, Jul 18: In a bid to streamline the licencing process and to keep the township cleaner, the East Kameng district administration has given a deadline to the slaughterhouses and roadside meat vendors here to shift to their designated places.
The administration in its order on Thursday directed the licence holders of slaughterhouses and vendors of fish and meat to shift to the outskirt of Seppa town or face cancellation of their trading licences.
The DA directed the licence holders in Bazaar Line to shift their outlets to the DUDA market for the time being. It cautioned that failure to comply with the directives would entail “confiscation of goods, sealing of the shop, and cancellation of trading licence.”
The administration said there is no designated place for slaughterhouses and outlets for raw meats in the township, and that the trading licences had been issue “randomly.”
This step comes in the wake of complaints over the issue of unhygienic and haphazard waste management by meat/fish vendors and slaughterhouses here.
“By this order we are looking to optimize our solid waste disposal mechanism, ensure cleanliness, and check mushrooming of unlicenced meat sellers” Trade & Commerce Branch Officer Dahey Sangno said.