Water supply system in Nari-Koyu affected

NARI, Jul 18: The water supply system in Nari-Koyu constituency in Lower Siang district has been badly affected due to continuous rain in the last few days.
Following the heavy downpour, an unprecedented rise in the water level caused large-scale damages to the water pipelines, seriously damaging the main pipelines from Nate, Renda, Rilu, Potte and Torne sources, and the village water supply in Nari, Talem, Seren, Pam and Lumpo.
The damages occurred mostly at river crossings and head works.
“The drinking water supply in several villages has been temporarily restored,” informed Nari PHED Subdivision AE Kapu Takar.
He said restoration of other affected pipelines will be carried out when the water level goes down.
Likabali PHED Division EE Charu Sakap has taken stock of the situation.