Erosion threatening habitations, road, bridges in Mebo

Continuing rain damages roads in W/Siang

[ Prafulla Kaman ]

PASIGHAT, Jul 21: Erosion by the Siang river is posing a serious threat to human habitations and bridges along the Mebo-Dhola road in Mebo subdivision of East Siang district.
While the river has already swallowed several acres of fertile cropland in Motum on its left bank, it is gradually approaching Borguly and Serum villages.
Erosion is also posing a threat to the Mebo-Dhola road and bridges in Serum, while erosion caused by the Tatsing river near Borguly is posing a threat to a Bailey bridge.
As per information, the state PWD has sanctioned Rs 2 crore against two micro filling schemes, at the Tatsing and the Serum bridge points, but the work has not yet been executed.
Erosion by the Siang river last year took a serious turn, rendering at least 30 families homeless in Serum and Mer-Gadum areas.
The villagers have been demanding that the government initiate permanent measures
to check erosion as anti-erosion measures that have been taken up so far have failed to prevent erosion.
Meanwhile, the continuing heavy downpour has disrupted surface communication in West Siang district, with the 5-metre span RCC culvert 2 kms from district HQ Aalo having been washed out in the most recent incident.
“The abutment capsized due to scouring of foundation. The RK Mission School, located on the Aalo-Likabali road, is cut off, and temporary restoration work is being carried out under the supervision of Highway AE Gemar Padu,” the DIPRO informed, adding that “permanent restoration may take two to three months.”
The Aalo-Pangin and -Pasighat road has also been affected by landslides at different locations, and patients and other commuters are stranded, sometimes for six hours, waiting for the block points to be cleared.
“The newly-constructed highway is also found sinking and deep cracks (have developed) on different portions near Renging, near Pasighat, and severe rainfall may worsen the situation anytime,” the DIPRO added.