E/Siang health dept taking steps to control mosquito-transmitted diseases

PASIGHAT, Jul 22: The East Siang district health department is taking all steps to control mosquito-transmitted diseases like malaria, dengue and Japanese encephalitis (JE) in the district.
Headed by DMO Dr Kaling Dai, a team of doctors and officials are carrying out source reduction activities, along with awareness programmes, fogging, indoor residual spray, etc.
The people have been advised to use mosquito repellents, wear long-sleeved clothes, use mosquito nets, and get rid of things where mosquitoes can breed, such as tyres, flowerpots, etc, that collect rainwater.
Deputy Commissioner Kinny Singh has directed the authorities concerned to carry out capacity-building and intensified awareness campaigns, along with massive cleanliness drives, across the district.
She has called for fogging to be carried out in vulnerable areas where cases of malaria, dengue, etc, had been reported earlier.
In order to prevent an outbreak of JE, the DC has issued a prohibitory order under Section 133 (B) of the CrPC, banning the import of pigs and ducks from outside the state. Reportedly, on Monday, an autorickshaw carrying piglets and coming towards Pasighat was stopped and turned back to Jonai (Assam).
Meanwhile, District Veterinary Officer Dr T Taggu has entrusted SVO Dr Chinjo Mayor Gao with the task of monitoring and ensuring that pigs, piglets and all kinds of poultry birds are not imported into Pasighat township from outside till further order. (DIPRO)