Women Helpline rescues minor girl

ITANAGAR, Jul 29: A minor Arunachalee girl was recently rescued from Assam through the intervention of the Arunachal Women Helpline (WHL)-181.
The case had been received from Rosy Taba, who is a member of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.
Reportedly, the girl had gone to visit her maternal grandparents in Assam during her vacation. There she met a boy, who was also a minor. They fell in love and decided to settle down. By the time the girl’s parents came to know about it, they found that she was already staying with the boy at his place.
Her parents approached her several times, but she refused to return, and meanwhile the boy’s parents warned the girl’s parents not to approach her anymore.
The girl’s parents then approached the WHL-181 to help them get back their minor daughter.
On receiving the case, the WHL team contacted the child development project officer (CDPO) concerned in Assam, and asked the officer to intervene.
The girl was rescued on the same day by the CDPO along with the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Assam. She was then kept for a short period at a children’s home in Assam, where she was provided counselling, during which she realized that she is still a minor and should return to her parents.
The Assam CWC informed the WHL-181 that the girl wanted to go back to her parents, following which the WHL informed her parents, and handed the girl over to them.