PUBG addiction

Dear Editor,
Several people around the world suffer from different kinds of addictions, including drug addiction, mobile addiction and TV addiction, to name a few. The latest to join the bandwagon is the PUBG mobile game addiction, and this one is proving to be the worst of all.
People addicted to PUBG are so hooked to the game that they often skip their meals and important tasks just to play the game. This addiction has also resulted in erratic sleep patterns, which is a cause of great concern. Numerous mental and physical health issues have been noticed in PUBG addicts.
People suffering from PUBG addiction have a high risk of developing health issues. They lose interest in activities that are needed for a healthy living.
Skipping social events, important business meetings and family gatherings is quite common among PUBG mobile game addicts. They prefer playing PUBG rather than indulging in any of these activities. They get angry and upset if someone guides them otherwise. They soon grow socially isolated.
Kids are the worst affected by this addiction. Parents should take it as their responsibility to identify the warning signs of PUBG addiction in their kids. They must help their kids get rid of it as quickly as possible.
P Apai