Appreciation for Arunachalee students in Delhi

Dear Editor,
My uncle Gege Jamoh had to undergo kidney transplant at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences Hospital, New Delhi, on 23 July, 2019. Since we do not have kith and kin in the national capital and I work in Arunachal, we could not accompany them, but the doctors informed us to arrange for 6 to 7 units of blood on the day of the operation.
We were in despair and were desperately hoping for some benevolent people or NGOs who would donate blood voluntarily. I tried to contact a few people and NGOs. Some did not respond, but the Arunachal Student Union Delhi (ASUD) immediately sprung to action and responded to me promptly.
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the Arunachalee students in Delhi. Students from all communities came forward to donate blood; there were actually more donors than required, which we do not even get to witness in Arunachal itself. It filled me with immense pride and gratification that our children far away from home have not forgotten their values. Their thoughtfulness and act of kindness saved the life of my uncle. Though our humble family could never repay your kind deed, we will ever remain indebted to the good Samaritans.
The names of some of the students who led the godly team are Devan Natung (GS, ASUD), Goto Apang (AdiSU Delhi unit president), Gautam Natung, George Natung, Recho Murtem, Kabit Siram, Ngaiden Temphel, Tatding Megu, Devia Bagra, Ayang Taki, Rachal Taki, Amping Libang, Soni Tatin, Minam Siram, Api Siram, Mongol Tamuk and Toni Tabing. There were so many students whom I’m unable to list due to very busy schedule.
You are an inspiration to others. May god bless each one of you abundantly.
Eteng Tamuk,
Nephew of Gege Jamoh,