TET and regularization of teachers

Dear Editor,
I would like to offer a suggestion to the education department regarding regularization of ISSE teachers.
Follow the NCTE norms in teachers’ appointment. Regularize the deserving ones on the basis of merit-cum-seniority basis.
APTET is mandatory. The authority should understand the value of APTET and for what purpose it was instituted. It should not try to make new rules in contradiction to the NCTE norms.
The demand for regularization of ISSE teachers on the basis of seniority is contradictory to the present norms. There are so many teachers who have TET certificates in the department.
Regularize all the contractual teachers having TET certificates before its expiry date. It is the duty of the authority concerned to give first preference to its teachers with TET for regularization.
The regularization process should be headed by the education secretary in consultation with the APTET and the CTET authorities.
Regularization of contractual teachers who do not have TET should be done after the regularization process of those with TET certificates is completed.
TET is not applicable to RMSA teachers. As per the NCTE, TET is only mandatory in elementary education. Therefore, the erstwhile RMSA teachers can be regularized on the basis of seniority and erstwhile SSA teachers can be appointed as regular teachers as per the NCTE norms.
Lastly, I expect that the authority would take bold steps in the regularization process and speed up the process.
Contractual teacher