Anomalies in engineering departments

Dear Editor,
We always had faith and trusted the departments of the state, believing that whatever they do is according to the proper guidelines and rules of the government and is for the welfare of the state as a whole. But after getting into some more details about the system through authentic sources, it really anguishes and disappoints us to know the fact of the system.
The rate of unemployed youth with engineering backgrounds are increasing at such a rapid rate, and its departments never bother to get them employed to the greatest extend as possible as they could. The proportions of EEs, AE, and JEs are not properly maintained as per the guidelines.
In some sections/ divisions, the AEs outnumber the JEs. There are so many irrelevant numbers of posts of functional Assistant Engineers (AEs) in the departments which hinder the creation of new AE posts.
At the same time I also wonder what happened to the order passed by the then Governor JP Rajkhowa, to absurd or cancel all the functional holding post way back in the year 2015-16. Maybe there are hindrances and obstacles whenever one wishes to do any good for the system, I presume.
All the funds of the state government get diverted for bringing the schemes in the respective areas for the vested interested. I wish at least some portions of the funds may also be utilized for creation of posts like AEs and JEs.
As a matter of fact, departments, particularly PHE & WS department has never created the post of AEs for decades. They only hand over the vacant post of out of retirement and deceased to the commission. God knows when are they going to correspond the 17(seventeen) backlog post of assistant engineer (PHE & WS) to the APPSC.
Departments should do their duties and fulfil their responsibilities diligently and not wait for any pressure group to raise the issue. What are the unemployed engineering associations even doing? What you are for and what you are waiting for?
I request honourable CM Pema Khandu to look into the matter and kindly rectify it. I also urge the minister and the coordinator of every department to let the DPC be held as early as possible and hand over the post to the APPSC for the recruitment process where check and balance of the system could be properly maintained.