Schools celebrate ‘Reading Week’

ITANAGAR, Aug 9: Schools throughout the state organised reading programmes as part of the education department’s ‘Reading Week’ celebration from 5-9 August.
The event featured class-wise reading competition in both English and Hindi subjects, reading and understanding small texts, understanding storybooks, news items, advertisements, and such.
“The SCERT in collaboration with the NCERT conducted a national achievement survey in November 2017 for Classes 3, 5 and 8, covering 2600 elementary schools in the state. As per the survey’s report, only 52 percent students of Class 3 can read small texts with comprehension and 48 percent students can read printed scripts in the classroom (poems, posters, charts, etc), while 42 percent students of Class 5 can read and comprehend independently storybooks, news items/headlines, advertisements, etc,” the department informed in a release.
“Another 43 percent students can read texts with comprehension, locate details and sequence of events, and 44 percent students of Class 8 can read textual/non-textual materials with comprehension and identify the details, characters, main idea and sequence of ideas and events while reading,” the department said.
“Celebration of Reading Week in the schools will attract students towards book reading and improve education standards,” it added.