Reform stenography syllabus

Dear Editor,
The syllabus for the recruitment of stenographers, prescribing elementary mathematics as one of the core subjects, and at the same time treating stenography as only of qualifying nature, devoid of any weightage, for recruitment by the APSSB is cent percent wrong.
The APSSB is must be looking to recruit the best of the best stenographers. In that case, why are they not creating awareness on the syllabus which would fetch the APSSB a pool of mathematicians instead of good stenographers?
What is the need of giving so much importance to elementary mathematics in the recruitment of stenographers? As far as elementary mathematics is concerned, it is an outdated subject; almost all the manual calculations using the methods of elementary mathematics have already been overtaken by different modern devices and software like smartphones, calculators, MS Excel, etc. Moreover, because of lack of importance of elementary mathematics in day-to-day official work, subjects like logical reasoning and aptitude test have been given more weightage than elementary mathematics in various recruitment exams.
To be a good stenographer one has to have a shorthand ability of more than 80 words per minute, with good technology know-how. On the other hand, elementary mathematics has no relation to stenography, which is itself a technical subject. Then why is the APSSB hell bent on putting elementary mathematics as one of the core subjects by discarding or relegating stenography subject in the recruitment process?
If one looks back at the recruitment for stenographers in various departments of the state government, none of them included elementary mathematics in the examinations. This is the first time in the history of Arunachal that the goddamned subject has been included, the reason being best known to the APSSB and unknown to all aspiring stenographer candidates.
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I on behalf of the thousands of aspiring stenographer candidates urge the department concerned to take immediate step to review and modify the syllabus of the upcoming stenographer recruitment exam of the APSSB, in line with the RR notification, AR-76/2013, dated 01.04.2015.
Anything less than a review or modification of the syllabus will invite a lot of resentment from the aggrieved candidates.
Mizum Lollen,
Camp: Polo Colony,