Trg on integrated pest mgmt held

PUCHIGEKO, Aug 17: At least 90 farmers, gaon burahs and gaon buris participated in a training programme on ‘integrated pest management (IPM) and compost-making’ organised here in Kamle district by the agriculture department on Friday.
Addressing the participants, District Agriculture Deputy Director Dani Yubbe spoke on the importance of IPM and organic farming, and their pros and cons, while block technology managers Yani Baja (Puchigeko) and Dr Habung Nakang (Raga) made a presentation on IPM, the veterinary perspective on Japanese encephalitis (JE), and preventive measures against JE.
Assistant technology managers from Raga, Duyu Monya and Hibu Yam, apprised the farmers of organic farming and its economic sustainability.
Raga Agricultural Development Officer Koj Hormin suggested ways to control pests and rodents in paddy cultivations in hilly areas.
Later, Puchigeko assistant technology manager, Lenning Gao, gave a demonstration on compost pit-making. (DIPRO)