Unions demand DC for Papum Pare

ITANAGAR, Aug 22: The All Nyishi Students’ Union and the All Papum Pare District Students’ Union in a joint statement on Thursday expressed strong resentment over the inordinate delay in posting of a new deputy commissioner to Papum Pare district.
At present, Capital Complex DC Vikram Singh Malik is holding the additional charge of the district, after the transfer of Dr Joram Beda.
The unions claimed that the people of the district are facing problems because of this stop-gap arrangement.
“DC Capital is not able give enough time to issues related to Papum Pare district. Even for small matters, sometimes people have to travel all way to Itanagar to meet him. This is causing a lot of inconvenience and difficulties. The government is undermining the citizens of the district with this kind of temporary arrangement,” the unions said, and criticized the “lackadaisical attitude and negligence syndrome of the state government.”
Seeking early posting of a regular DC, the unions said, “The people’s representative of the district has already placed the request before the government for early posting of a new DC to expedite the overall development activities and to attend the public works in the district. More than three months have passed but the administration is functioning without any full-fledged DC and running on piecemeal basis.
“It is high time for the welfare government to live up to the hopes and expectations of the common people of Papum Pare,” they said.
Urging the government not to test the public’s patience, the unions sought posting of a new DC at the earliest, particularly to attend to the vexed Assam-Arunachal boundary problems.