GoAP makes geotagging projects compulsory

ITANAGAR, Aug 30: The state government will henceforth be able to monitor every project from the capital and the district headquarters through remote sensing application by geotagging the projects.
Satellite-based moni-toring and geotagging through the ‘Arunachal Monitoring’ web portal had been launched by the state government in June last year, and was implemented on 19 February this year.
“However, the developmental projects executed by various departments could not be properly monitored due to
remoteness and communication bottleneck,” said Finance, Planning & Investment Department Monitoring Director Mokir Eshi Ori.
Ori said the state government has made it mandatory to geo-tag every project in the state, saying projects which are not geotagged will not be entertained for sanctioning.
“In order to create awareness among the officers and to train them, the planning department, with technical support from the state remote sensing application centre, has so far conducted hands-on training programmes and workshops on geotagging of projects and satellite-based monitoring in 18 districts,” Ori informed.
Further, 32 departments have been visited and workshops conducted from 1 to 30 August to impart training to the officials, he said.