Solung festival greetings

ITANAGAR, Aug 31: Governor BD Mishra and Chief Minister Pema Khandu have in separate messages extended greetings to the people of the state on the occasion Solung festival of the Adi tribe.
Stating that Solung festival, which showcases the socio-cultural and religious life of the Adi community, is celebrated since time immemorial to seek blessings for a bumper crop, peace, and prosperity for humankind, the governor in his message offered prayers to the almighty Donyi Polo, Kine-Naane, Doying-Bote and Dadii-Bote to shower their blessings on the people.
The chief minister in his message lauded the spirit of the Adis in maintaining and preserving their rich cultural heritage, and expressed faith that the festivity would once again “prove a major catalyst towards achieving the goal of unity in diversity.”
Khandu also offered prayers to Doying-Bote and Kine-Nane for a good season and bumper harvest in the days to come. (Raj Bhavan & CMO)