Villagers carry out traditional Laam-saam to clear porter track

DADAM, Sep 1: The villagers of Dadam in Tirap district are still continuing with their traditional annual porter track clearing activity, locally known as ‘Laam-saam’.
The villagers recently cleared a 9-km stretch of the road from near the Tirathjo hydel project’s welcome gate to Dadam. Besides villagers of Hunkan and Dadam, a group of people from Moktowa, Laho and Chinkoi villages also joined the social service.
Laam-saam is practiced by the people of the area since time immemorial. It is carried out every year before the celebration of Howju Kuhwa and Ronghuan Kuhwa festivals, the chief of Hunkan village, Kamwang Lowang, informed.
He said Ronghuan Kuhwa festival will be celebrated in Hunkan village from 10 October. (DIPRO)