APST students likely to get stipends soon

[ Taro Chatung ]
ITANAGAR, Sep 2: The APST students are likely to get their post-matric scholarships very shortly as the state government has allotted Rs 4218.41 lakhs to the SJETA department in two phases.
The first-phase amount of Rs 1777.78 lakhs has already been approved by the treasury department, and it is likely that the amount will be credited to the SJETA department’s account on 3 September, and the scholarship payment could be transferred to the students through DBT by 4 September.
The official procedures for releasing the second-phase amount of Rs 2440.63 lakhs are underway and are expected to be completed within the next 5 to 7 workdays.
The union tribal affairs ministry has released Rs 37,28,41,000 for payment of post-matric scholarships to the APST students for 2018-19. The news of the release of the scholarships appeared on its official web portal only in the third week of August, after its sanction order had been signed on 20 August.
The amount was credited to the state’s exchequer in the same week, and the amount is currently with the exchequer. The official sanction order for the amount was sent to the SJETA department on 29 August.
In order to transfer the amount from the state exchequer to the SJETA department’s account, a set of official procedures is required to be followed, which may take 20 to 30 days.
Since the release of the scholarships by the ministry had been delayed, SJETA Director Yumlam Kaha had initiated a file in the last week of May, requesting the state government to allot Rs 42 crore on loan from the state exchequer to the SJETA department for payment of scholarships to the students.
Considering the urgency of the matter, the state government allotted Rs 1777.78 lakhs to the SJETA department in the first phase.