Trg on treating diseases in pigs imparted

KANUBARI, Sep 2: Forty-eight farmers along with village leaders and members of the interim panchayat committee benefitted from a training programme on ‘Importance disease in piggery production and its prevention and control measures’ conducted by the Longding KVK in Hasse Russa village, 14 kms from here, on Monday.
KVK Head (in-charge) Dr A Kirankumar Singh briefed the participants on the KVK’s activities and services for the benefit of farmers, while animal science expert Dr Tilling Tayo made a PowerPoint presentation on the common diseases related to piggery production in rural areas, such as vitamin and mineral deficiency, bacterial, viral and ectoparasite and endoparasite infestations, and on the precautionary and control measures against such diseases.
Advising the farmers to bear in mind the necessity of feed, shelter and health in any livestock production management, Dr Tayo said “although farmers are able to manage feed and shelter for their animals, the health factor is almost neglected.”
He lamented that it was negligence with regard to pigs’ health that several pigs succumbed to diseases which could have been treated through timely medical intervention.
Husse Russa GB Chonii Rangam and the village’s chief, Nyakwag Wangsu, also spoke.