APPSC must compensate everyone

Dear Editor,
Many may think that if the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Exam (APPSCCE)-2018 is re-conducted, it may perhaps set a bad trend for the future generation.
Yes, it may look that way, but when we consider the gravity of the situation, the setting of a bad trend doesn’t arise at anywhere. How the wisdom of the honourable court will work is another thing, but as far as the development in this controversy is concerned, re-conducting the exam is the best solution.
The APPSCCE-2017 affected the candidates of only one particular subject, ie, public administration, but the APPSCCE-2018 has affected the candidates of not only one subject but rather many candidates of different subjects.
In order to restrain some protesting aspirants from boycotting and leaving the exam, the commission facilitated the aspirants with samosas and tea. Someone even suggested that getting into the final selection was high due to the absence of other examinees. Due to such facilities and suggestion, some protestors attended exam while others did not.
Time is precious for everyone, and so is opportunity. No one wants to waste their time and opportunity. Instead of raising questions to the APPSC, today many are inclined towards the commission. It is the APPSC that must compensate everyone, irrespective of the mains appeared or not appeared aspirants. All of us must seek justice for our rights and provisions as envisaged by the law of the land. And in the course of seeking justice, if any aspirant commits suicide, the sole responsibility will be with the APPSC for the loss of a precious life.
To put on record, in 2012 the commission declared the assistant engineer exam result without evaluating the answer sheets of many aspirants, which resulted in engulfment of the APPSC building by fire. In 2014, APPSC officials were found involved in leakage of APPSCCE mains paper, and the officials involved are still withdrawing their salaries. This trend continued in 2017, when the commission copy-pasted questions from a Pakistan-based website. Apart from the aggrieved aspirants, the 2018 APPSCCE (prelims) exam was even objected to by the professors of some universities and colleges, including Rajiv Gandhi University.
The confession of the APPSC secretary that the commission’s staffers provided the wrong answer keys in the OMR sheets and the sworn affidavit in which the commission has agreed that indeed 64 questions in the commerce paper were out of syllabus, simultaneously copy-pasting more than 60 percent in many other question papers is enough evidence to reschedule and re-conduct the APPSCCE-2018.
All human beings make mistakes. The first mistake is accident; the second mistake is coincidence. The third, fourth or repetitive mistake is a plot or a choice. The commission and the state government must understand that the grievances of the aggrieved aspirants are genuine, and that the re-conduct of APPSCCE-2018 won’t set any bad trend.
Therefore, without further ado, let the state government prompt the judicial body to allow the exam to be re-conducted for equal opportunity and fair competition.
An aspirant