Gov, CM extend Pham Kho Sowai greetings

ITANAGAR, Sep 9: Governor BD Mishra and Chief Minister Pema Khandu have in separate messages greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Pham Kho Sowai festival of the Khowa (Bugun) tribe.
The governor in his message expressed hope that the festival would usher in good harvest, prosperity and wellbeing for all.
“I am sanguine that the Pham Kho Sowai festival of the Khowa tribe (also known as Bugun tribe) shall continue to motivate them to maintain their identity and bestow their tribal awareness to the coming generation,” he said.
The CM in his message wished the community happiness and prosperity, and prayed to the benevolent mountain and river gods revered by the community to bless the community with joy, fraternity and compassion.
He also urged the community to preserve its tradition and culture. (Raj Bhavan & CMO)