Org seeks road in border village to save villagers from life-threatening situations

GASHENG, Sep 10: The Sirging Ao Welfare Society (SAWS), based in Siang district, has appealed to the state government to construct a road between Bile and Migging villages at the earliest, saying the lack of a road in the border area acts as a hurdle during life-threatening circumstances.
According to SAWS chairman Tabin Pabin, one Tadik Pabin and his team had gone to Luyor Adi area on 3 September to voluntarily clear the jungle path for the patrolling team of the Indian Army, during which Tadik was bitten by a poisonous snake.
However, Tabin said, due to unavailability of road, medical facilities or mobile network, Tadik could not be provided immediate medical attention and had to be carried back by his team members to Gasheng village, where he remained without any treatment, “with the venom spreading throughout his body for nearly five days.”
The villagers of Gasheng (Sirging Aoo) clear the jungle path from Luyor Adi in Siang district to Migging village in Upper Siang district annually, without seeking any wages from the government of India, to help the Army safeguard the country from external aggression.
On 7 September, retired SSB NK (GD) Tadeng Pari and public leader Tayu Jerang heard the news and called on various departments’ authorities and local MLA Talem Taboh to assist Tadik, following which an Indian Air Force (IAF) team was called in on the same day to make an emergency landing at Gasheng.
“Tadik was rushed to a hospital in Dibrugarh, Assam, and was saved,” Tabin informed.
He, however, pointed out that the IAF chopper could make an easy landing because it could use the same ground that had been cleared for use during the search operation for the IAF’s An-32 aircraft in July.
While the SAWS expressed gratitude to the IAF, leaders, officers and everyone involved in saving Tadik, it urged the state government to “take care of the border road,” saying it is a lifeline for the people of Payum circle in Siang district, and the Indian Army.