Take threat seriously, Chakat Aboh tells govt

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Sep 11: Chakat Aboh has appealed to the state and central governments to treat the alleged threat issued in the name of the Naga Army (Ollo) seriously.
As reported earlier by this daily, a dictate issued in the name of the Naga Army (Ollo) is being circulated, directing the Ollo people to vote for Phawang Lowang unconditionally, stating that no other candidate should be put up by individuals or groups.
The group has said that failure to comply with the “pre-warning shall be taken seriously, including eternal punishment.”
Chakat, who is seeking election from Khonsa West, a seat held by her husband Tirong Aboh, who was murdered on 21 May, said that “the government must take the matter seriously.”
Chakat, who lost her husband and son, and four close relatives in the Tirap massacre, said that if something happens to her or her supporters, BJP leader Phawang Lowang and his supporters should be held responsible.
Phawang Lowang contested on a BJP ticket during the April 2019 election and lost the contest to Tirong Aboh by more than a thousand votes.
Chakat Aboh said that there are chances of “killing more supporters and rival candidates of Phawang Lowang in the ensuing by-election”.
She requested the police and para military forces posted in Tirap district to nab whoever is involved in distributing the leaflet in the name of the Naga Army (Ollo) and those responsible for the Tirap massacre.
Earlier, Phawang Lowang had denied his involvement in the issue of the dictate. He said that it was an attempt to malign his reputation.