Video clips of women being violently assaulted emerge, 2 perpetrators arrested in Bomdila

[ Tongam Rina ]
ITANAGAR, Sep 13: Two extremely traumatizing videos have emerged, showing women being violently beaten up, dragged by their hair, kicked, and stripped naked.
In the first video, which surfaced in June, a mob comprising men and women is seen beating up at least four women. The mob strips two of the women. Even the police personnel nearby are not able to save the women from the mob attack.
It is not known when and where the video, which is of more than three minutes’ length, was taken, but the incident appears to have occurred in winter, even though the video surfaced only in June.
From the Arunachalee Hindi, dress and surroundings, it is clear that the incident occurred in Arunachal.
In the video, several men can be seen taking pictures while urging the other women to beat up the four women. The faces of the attackers, as well as of those cheering the women on and taking pictures, are clearly visible in the video, which should make it easy for the police to take action against the perpetrators of the violence.
In the second video, this one from Bomdila, a dozen women are seen attacking a woman inside a room. The six-minute-long video shows the woman being beaten up violently, her hair cut, and her being stripped naked.

Two arrested in Bomdila: DGP

Director General of Police (DGP) RP Upadhyaya informed that two women have been arrested in the Bomdila case, based on a complaint lodged on 9 September by the survivor of the assault.
The arrested women have been identified as Sugun Sidisow and Meli Rijiju, while the remaining 12, including two juveniles, have got protection from arrest.
“The investigation is under progress,” the DGP told this daily.

According to the police, the survivor is a second wife and is married to the husband of one of the main accused.

Make laws to protect women: Maling

Kani Nada Maling, the secretary-general of the Arunachal Pradesh Women’s Welfare Society, said polygamy had led to the violence, and she appealed to all to respect the law. She said the state needs laws to curb polygamy to protect women.
“The perpetrators as well as the survivors of the violence are women,” she said, adding that there has to be clear-cut rights and protection for first wives and their children.
Maling said women, including those who are financially well-off, are stuck in polygamous marriages due to societal pressure.
She also said many educated women are also involved in polygamy, becoming willing perpetrators of violence.
She asked community-based organizations to “come out from the patriarchal mentality and take steps to stop polygamy.”