Students chained and paraded

ITANAGAR, Sep 17: Three students, all of or below 16 years of age, were chained and paraded in Kimin market in Papum Pare district on 16 September by a person who has been identified as Bamang Sonio.
The shocking incident happened as an aftermath of a brawl the night before at Lovely restaurant, owned by one Bamang Yaniam and located in a building owned by Sonio, where underage students were served alcohol.
The restaurant reportedly does not have the permit to sell alcohol.
One of the boys’ father has lodged a police complaint against Sonio for assault and kidnapping.
In the complaint, the father said his 16-year-old son was picked up from the school, beaten, and paraded in the market before being taken to the police station.
The father stated in the FIR that instead of contacting the local guardian, Sonio picked up his son, thereby taking the law into his own hands.
The other two students were similarly picked up and paraded in the market. One of the students is reported to be seriously injured.
The police could not be contacted for details.