GB denies going against Lowang

ITANAGAR, Sep 19: Yangsen Kongkang, the gaon burah of Lazu village in Tirap district, has denied the report that the GB Union of Lazu in a representation to the DC nullified the claim of BJP leader Phawang Lowang that the GBs of Lazu supported his candidature.
Lowang had recently claimed that the GBs supported his candidature for the bye-election to the Khonsa West assembly constituency. A few days later, a section of the GBs negated his claim.
Kongkang on Thursday claimed that some politically motivated person had taken his signature (on the representation) after putting pressure on him, and later submitted it to the DC.
“I was not even aware about the content of the letter,” the GB claimed. He said the act unnecessarily tarnished his image and the image of the GB Union of Lazu Circle.