Union demands probe into bridge collapse

ITANAGAR, Sep 20: The All Kra Daadi District Students’ Union (AKDDSU) has demanded a probe into the collapse of the bridge over the Kumey river in Tali circle, claiming that the bridge collapsed not because of nature’s wrath but due to poor engineering and wrong site selection.
The bridge collapsed on Tuesday, snapping road communication to Tali, one of the remotest constituencies in Arunachal.
The union claimed that the bridge had been constructed at a “wrong” site despite public complaint.
“The bridge worth Rs 14 crore was a dream project for the people of Tali, and its
premature collapse has once again isolated the people of the constituency from the rest of the world,” said AKDDSU president Gora Rikam Bhai.
Stating that Tali remains the only assembly constituency in the state that is yet to be connected by a road, Rikam urged the chief minister to make an aerial visit to the site of the collapsed bridge and allocate fund for early restoration of the bridge.
He also appealed to the state government to ensure supply all essential items to the people of Tali in the meantime.