New eco-friendly store opens

ITANAGAR, Sep 24: There’s a new destination in the capital complex for residents looking to play a role in working for the benefit of the ecology and stay in vogue at the same time.
With the opening of ‘Meadows – House of Eco-friendly Bags’ at BB Plaza here, shoppers now have a chance to stop the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags that are harmful for the environment.
A brainchild of Gyamar Nemey, bags ranging from shopping bags to tote bags available at ‘Meadows’ are made of environment-friendly cotton, canvas, and juco (a fine blend of jute and cotton). These materials also increase the shelf life of the bags and can be reused.
The store’s driving motto is to combat plastic pollution, which the young entrepreneur feels is the biggest threat to nature, wildlife, marine life, and humans.
“We must do our bit to save our planet and learn to reuse and recycle,” Nemey said.