RGU hosts poetry workshop

RONO HILLS, Oct 5: Poet Madhu Raghavendra read poems from his recently published poetry book, Stick No Bills, during a ‘poetry reading and poetry workshop’ organised by the English department of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) here on Friday.
Raghavendra’s poetry book had earlier been released by Agriculture Minister Tage Taki during the Ziro Festival of Music in Lower Subansiri HQ Ziro on 27 September.
The workshop, which was inaugurated by RGU Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof A Mitra, also featured discussions on the power of poetry.
“In the toughest times, when nothing else can console us, we turn to poetry,” said Raghavendra. “Poetry is not merely beautiful words stringed together in words. It is a peaceful medium that has been used since the birth of humankind for brotherhood, love, compassion, appreciation, and to give a perspective to life.”
He also emphasized on using poetry as “a tool for documenting cultures and our time in history, which is one of the most essential things to do in the state.”
Apart from being a poet, Raghavendra is an art event curator and a social development practitioner. He is the founder of Poetry Couture, one of India’s largest poetry initiatives. His poetry movement has created spaces for poetry in many cities of the country, including in the Northeast.
Among others, the university’s Language Studies Dean HK Sharma, English HoD KC Mishra, and Lisa Lomdak of the AITS participated in the workshop.