Assn clarifies on allegations of SK oil quota misuse

ITANAGAR, Oct 9: The All Kra Daadi District FPS & SK Oil Welfare Association has in a clarification addressed to the state chief secretary on Wednesday, termed the recent allegation made by All Kra Daadi District Anti-Corruption Students Union regarding misuse of superior kerosene oil (SK oil) quota of the district as “baseless.”
Strongly condemning the allegation, the FPS&SK Oil welfare association said, “The information provided by the students about how Kra Daadi district gets 24,000 Litres of SK oil per month at the rate of Rs 19.30 per litre and is sold in black markets at the rate of Rs 70 per litre is far from reality.
“The district in fact gets a monthly allotment of 16,000 litres of SK oil at the rate of Rs 33.50 per Litre (IOC rate),” it said.
“We have been disbursing the monthly quota of SK oil to the intended beneficiaries in a disciplined and dedicated manner incurring monetary loss many times. The main depot/ godown for SK oil is located at Ziro and the distance between Ziro to Palin (District HQ) is 60 KM approx,” it said, while claiming that they as retailers manage their own vehicles to carry the SK oil by “paying Rs 16000 per trip.”
“The distance between Ziro to Yangte circle is 100 km, Ziro to Chambang circle is above 80 km, Ziro to Gangte circle above 100 km. The vehicle charges for these circles are Rs 20, 000 per trip. Since the GoAP does not pay for such transportation charges from main godown to SK oil outlets, the concerned SK oil retailers bear these expenses on their own. The situation is even worse for the remote circles of Tali and Pipsorang as they are yet to be connected by all-weather motorable roads. Head-load is the only means of transportation. Even with all these odds, the retailers have available stock of SK oil all the time,” the association added.
The FPS & SK Oil welfare association further went on to claim that “till date no complaint letter has been received either by the deputy commissioner nor by the DFCSO of Kra Daadi district from any of those genuine beneficiaries/ villagers regarding misuse of SK oil in the entire district.”