Org apprises gov, CM of offspring issue

ITANAGAR, Oct 11: The Nyishi Ethnic Students of Arunachal Pradesh (NESA) has submitted a five-point memorandum to the governor and the chief minister, seeking their attention to the issue of children of non-APST fathers and APST mothers availing scheduled tribe certificates.
The NESA said there are numerous cases of offspring of non-APST fathers availing APST and other benefits that are meant exclusively for the indigenous communities.
It alleged that a certain section of non-APST businessmen, after marrying local women, purchase land and other movable and immovable assets in their wives’ names.
“These wives surprisingly never adopt their husband’s surname. In case the son/ daughter is married again to a local, the entire properties are transferred to their APST daughter-in-law/son-in-law. This vicious circle has been going on in numerous parts of the state,” the NESA alleged.
The organisation demanded constituting a joint high-power committee (JHPC) to look into the matter of offspring of non-APST fathers and APST mothers enjoying APST and other benefits. It said the committee should also study the quantum of punishment to be fixed for those issuing APST certificates to such individuals.
The organisation also demanded introduction of a legislation on the issue in the coming assembly session, besides ensuring “compulsory marriage registration of all APST women marrying non-locals.”
It also demanded that the NESA be made a part of the JHPC.