Darak to host eco-tourism and angling festival

AALO, Oct 14: Preparations are on for a three-day eco-tourism-cum-angling festival which is going to be held at the Sibu-Siyik confluence under Darak circle in West Siang district from 23 October.
Organized jointly by the Lodu Ao Welfare Society (LAWS) and Young Mission Adventure Club, the festival will open up sight-seeing to Benji Liine, Penru (bat cave), Tak Soi (pigeon home), trekking, hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, cultural shows and exhibition of the local cuisine.
Many angling experts from different places are likely to take part in the angling competition that will have cash prizes of Rs 50,000, Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000 for the three best anglers of the festival. Paid tents are also being arranged at the riverside and other places. (DIPRO)