Rape charges against BJP MLA

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 14: An FIR was registered on Monday at the women police station against Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Guruk Pordung for the alleged rape of a woman from the same constituency (Bameng) on the night of 12 October at a hotel here in the capital.
According to the FIR, the woman, who is a doctor by profession, said that Pordung had called her up at around 8 to 9 PM to meet and discuss official work regarding the primary health centre in Bameng. In her complaint, she said that she was invited inside the hotel by the MLA, who locked the door of the room as soon as she entered.
When she enquired on the matter of discussion, the MLA allegedly started touching her private parts and molested her.
“When I tried to stop him, he pushed me on the bed and he raped me. I was helpless after he physically tortured and overpowered me by beating, biting and kicking on my body, including private parts,” she said.
She also alleged that the MLA warned her against divulging details of the incident to any person, and warned her of dire consequences.

Criminal conspiracy to tarnish political image: Goruk Pordung

Meanwhile, the MLA has also issued a clarification to the police, refuting the allegation and termed it: “a criminal conspiracy to tarnish my political image.”
Pordung, in his statement said that the woman in question was the wife of one of his close supporters and “no such incident of rape took place on 12 October,” adding that it was also not the first time they had met each other.
The MLA said he had helped the woman financially on her request on a couple of occasions, and further alleged the woman of “seducing” him during their meeting in another hotel in the capital before 12 October.
Talking about Saturday’s incident, he claimed that he was at a meeting here in the capital and was “constantly receiving calls” from her to meet and discuss matters in regards to the expenditure her husband had incurred during the election preparation earlier this year.
On continuous persistence, he claims to have reached the hotel at around 10.15 PM and thereafter headed towards the hotel and “booked a room jointly to discuss the matter at her own free will.”
“There was no force excreted to her in any manner. After the discussion, we parted with an assurance to discuss the matter further to solve the financial crisis being faced by her family. However, after she left, she texted me saying that a group of youths were roaming outside the hotel and I shouldn’t venture out as she
apprehended that some untoward incident would happen. Accordingly, I left the hotel after those youths left the vicinity of the hotel. There was no question of rape in any manner as the staff of the hotel witnessed everything,” Pordung’s clarification read.
He also sought a free and fair investigation to unravel the truth.
Briefing reporters, capital SP Tumme Amo said that the police are looking at all possible angles.
“We are investigating whether it is case a rape or of a consensual relationship,” the SP said, while adding that the staff of the hotel in their statements have also confirmed that both the accused and the victim had visited the hotel on the particular night.
“Justice will be delivered,” the SP said.