Governor visits state horti & trout hatching farms

SHERGAON, Oct 16: Governor BD Mishra visited the state horticulture farm and state trout hatching farm here in West Kameng district on Wednesday.
The Shergaon Horticulture Farm is an elite institution for cultivation of temperate fruit crops of the state, with over 40 varieties of apples grown at the farm. Besides apples, minor fruit crops such as plums, pears, chestnuts, cherries, walnuts, and persimmons are also grown in the farm.
At Shergaon, the governor also visited the trout hatching farm, which was established in 1979. It produces Trout Ova, which is regarded as the best table fish of the coldwater in the country.
Interacting with the farmers, horticulturists and officials, the governor complimented the management of the farm for its good work. He emphasised that the latest scientific methods and techniques must be imparted to the villages, particularly the youth to encourage them towards entrepreneurship in the field of horticulture and fruit production.
The governor said that every citizen has a role to play in the progress and development of the state. “Each one of them must ensure that every developmental programme and project are implemented with transparency, accountability, honesty, audit and review, and wherever required, mid-course correction,” he said.
He called for concerted effort from all in making Arunachal Pradesh the most progressive state amongst the 28 states of India.
He reiterated that goan burahs, elders in the society, parents and guardians must ensure that every child above the age of six years goes to school. He said that a literate society is prerequisite for a developed society. (PRO to Raj Bhavan)