‘No political motive behind rape charge against MLA’

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Oct 17: The husband of the woman who has accused Bameng (East Kameng) MLA Guruk Pordung of rape on Thursday denied that there was any political motive behind the rape charge against the MLA.
The woman, who is a medical officer, recently lodged an FIR against Pordung at the women’s police station here, accusing him of having raped her at a city hotel here on the evening of 12 October. Pordung has denied the allegation, terming it a criminal conspiracy to tarnish his political image.
Addressing media persons at the Arunachal Press Club, the accuser’s husband on Thursday said there was no criminal conspiracy or political motive behind the rape charge.
Highlighting his political association with the Bameng MLA, the husband claimed that Pordung owed him Rs 10,98,54,555.
“Guruk Pordung owes me Rs 10,98,54,555, which I had spent for him during the election. There is no question of framing a rape charge against him with any political motive,” he said.
On Pordung’s claim that his wife had sought financial help from him (Pordung) on a couple of occasions, the husband said he and his wife “are earning enough to live a simple life,” and termed “baseless” the MLA’s claim that his wife had seduced him for a mere Rs 40,000.
He said his wife went through a traumatic phase and had even prepared a suicide note after the alleged rape, following which family members had to dissuade and console her.
Describing the Bameng MLA as “a habitual sexual predator,” the husband of the
accuser said, “Guruk has past record of sexual assault cases. I would appeal to the authority not to post any female staffer or officer in Bameng as long as Guruk is the MLA.”
He also ridiculed Pordung’s claim that his wife and Pordung had jointly booked the hotel room and whatever had happened was consensual.
“If the room had been jointly booked, Pordung should have come up with the evidence. As per the hotel’s entry records, there is no evidence of my wife’s name in the booking list,” he said.
The husband also accused Capital SP Tumme Amo of trying to shield the MLA from arrest.
“In the first place, when we showed the evidences of rape, the SP said it was certainly a rape case. We wanted the case to be registered, but SP Amo refused to register the case, saying there was pressure from high level not to register the case,” he claimed.
Demanding the SP’s suspension, the husband claimed that, “had the SP acted honestly, Guruk could have been arrested soon.” He also claimed that the original copy of his wife’s FIR was “doctored with white fluid,” and said he had no faith in the current investigation.
“There should be an inquiry against SP Amo. He is in constant touch with the lawyer of Guruk Pordung. The SP is helping him to file a counter complaint,” the husband alleged.
Amo has denied the allegation, saying that “the truth will come out.”
Meanwhile, the doctor who filed the rape charge against Pordung reiterated that she had been raped by the MLA. She said she was in deep shock and trauma, and initially could not even disclose the incident.
She said she had been sent to undergo medical tests twice by the police. The SP accepted this, saying she was sent twice “because the first report did not specifically mention sexual assault.”
When this daily contacted Director General of Police, RP Upadhyaya, he said “the case is being investigated on merits, as per the law. All aspects are being looked into. In case he (the husband) has any complaint, we will look into it.”