Mishra expresses concern over encroachment on ednl institutes

ITANAGAR, Oct 18: Governor BD Mishra on Friday chaired a meeting here to discuss the issue of encroachment on land belonging to education institutes in the state.
The governor expressed serious concern over such encroachment, and said the encroachers “are trampling the future of the youth, and this must not be allowed in a civilized society.”
Describing encroachment as “a contagious epidemic… done by educated and powerful people in high positions,” Mishra said, “It is not just an administrative or police problem, but more of a social problem. Therefore, there should be a social solution, as well, for it.”
He urged the people, particularly the leaders of the communities, to “socially tackle this serious, disturbing issue.”
The governor also expressed concern over wastage of food, saying that “in a country where a major part of the population cannot afford two square meals, wastage of food is a social sin and should be stopped.”
He requested the education minister and the heads of educational institutes to start a movement to stop wastage of food by educating the students.
He advised them to sensitize the people to the issue through the students.
Education Minister Taba Tedir, Nyishi Elite Society president Bengia Tolum, Education Special Secretary Santosh Kumar Rai, Papum Pare DC Pige Ligu, and heads of institutes of higher learning were present at the meeting. (Raj Bhavan)