Trg in mushroom cultivation imparted

KANUBARI, Oct 18: Twenty-five farmers from Longhua and Samsadang villages participated in a training programme on oyster mushroom cultivation, organised here by the Longding KVK on 17 October.
The people of the district still consume mushrooms collected from the wild, which sometimes leads to food poisoning, and even death. The training was imparted with the aim of educating the farmers on differentiating between poisonous and edible mushrooms, and to discourage collecting mushrooms from the wild.
Plant protection scientist Dr Senpon Ngomle highlighted the scope and importance of mushroom in the context of income generation and nutritional security. He spoke on oyster mushroom production, and urged the participants, especially rural youths and school dropouts, to adopt oyster mushroom cultivation.
“Its adoption will not only address the problem of food shortage but it also has the potential to tackle the problem of unemployment and malnutrition,” Ngomle said.
KVK Head (in-charge) Dr A Kirankumar Singh also spoke.
French bean seeds were later distributed among the farmers.