A wake-up call for opposition parties

The results of Maharashtra and Haryana elections threw up major surprises. The ruling BJP was expected to sweep both the states with even exit polls giving them absolute majority. However much to surprise of everyone, the saffron party failed to win majority in Haryana and its seat came down in Maharashtra. The party is still expected to form government in both states in partnership. The result is eye opener for both BJP and opposition parties. For saffron party, it is a warning signal from voters that if they fail to address basic economic issues, people will punish them.
Though the country’s economy is in doldrums, the ruling government has failed to take any concrete step to fix economy. Day by day people are losing jobs and it is creating huge unemployment problem. During this state elections, the BJP used issues like Kashmir, Article 370, Pakistan etc to whip up nationalism. But people preferred to vote as their wishes. Several sitting ministers lost elections in both states sending strong message to saffron party. For opposition parties, this election should be a wake-up call. Especially the principal opposition party Congress had given up fight even before election started. Infighting in their state units in Haryana and Maharashtra derailed the campaign.
But still party has performed better. It shows that people are ready to give them chance but they will have to work hard and convince voters that they can be better alternative than BJP. Though they may claim moral victory but remember the Opposition did not win these elections. They have a long, hard road back to relevance. But these elections show that if it thinks small, acts locally, and is responsive to those of its workers who have remained loyal; it may yet survive the Modi era.