Villagers resolve to stop opium sale

CHONGKHOW, Oct 28: The people of Chongkhow village in Longding district have resolved to stop the sale of opium in the village.
The decision was made during a meeting between members of the Chongkhow Women Welfare Society (CWWS), Chongkhow’s chief Jato Wangham, students, public leaders, church leaders, and others at the chief’s residence here on Sunday.
The participants also called for stopping the cultivation of poppy from this year. It was decided that the CWWS would initiate action, ‘according to the law of the land,’ against whoever violates the resolution.
Former ZPM Matpho Kolong urged the CWWS to “take proper steps with alternative and work for the long successful course of action for the future endeavours.”
CWWS president Likhow Wangcha also spoke.