DEO seeks error-free electoral rolls

KOLORIANG, Nov 2: Kurung Kumey District Election Officer (DEO) Kento Riba has asked the EROs and the AEROs of the district to prepare error-free electoral rolls for the panchayati raj election next year, “as per the instruction issued by the state election commission.”
He was addressing a coordination meeting on the ‘Panchayati raj electoral rolls special summary revision 2019’, here on Saturday.
Riba, who presided over the meeting, read out the schedule of “the special summary revision of the panchayati raj electoral rolls programme,” and suggested involving the GBs during the special summary revision activities.
He also advised the EROs and the AEROs to “make written request from the political parties for appointment of BLAs in the gram panchayats concerned, so as to assist the BLOs in conducting the special summary revision smoothly.”
The EROs and AEROs gave assurance that they would prepare error-free electoral rolls for the 2020 panchayati raj election.