PWD commissioner issues order to verify qualifications of engrs

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Nov 10: PWD Commissioner B Pertin has issued an order to verify the educational qualifications of junior, assistant, executive and superintending engineers working under the Arunachal Pradesh Public Works Department.
The order was issued on 24 October.
The commissioner has directed that committees be constituted for the department’s zonal office (with the zonal CE as its chairperson) and its circle and divisional offices (with the SE concerned as its chairperson) to look into the matter.
“The chief engineer and superintending engineer concerned may appoint/constitute the rest of the committee to verify the educational qualifications of the engineers and submit their verification reports to the PWD commissioner or the secretary,” the order read.
However, it did mention any specific timeframe for submitting the reports.
The order has been issued following receipt of a letter from “the CBI, Special Police Establishment, Dehradun,” Pertin said.
The commissioner’s office confirmed that the order has been issued to the CEs and the SEs. It, however, refused to comment whether any follow-up action has been taken.