State-level science exhibition concludes

ITANAGAR, Nov 25: The state-level science exhibition on the topic ‘Science and technology for sustainable development’ was held at the government higher secondary school (GHSS) here on 23 November.
Santoshi Dhanaji Bhendavadekar and Trishna Sharma of the Chimpu VKV jointly secured the first position, and Likha Dodum of the Sher VKV got the second position.
Thirty-four teams from various schools of the state participated in the exhibition, which was judged by science faculty members from Dera Natung Government College, Drs RK Mishra, KK Rai and A Panigrahi.
Higher & Technical Education Director Dr Tayek Talom encouraged the participants, and advised them to work hard, while Secondary Education Joint Director Marken Kadu advised the students to “keep chasing their dreams.”
Secondary Education Deputy Director (Science and Maths), Oyi Borang Tatak, and the GHSS’ Vice Principal, Geli Kamki, also spoke.